Frequently Asked Questions

Is it the driver’s responsibility to let me know if we incur any extra charges on the day?

No. The driver is not involved in the administration or financial side of the business and is therefore not aware of the guidelines around extra charges or rates. It is your responsibility to manage your group on the day of the journey.

Is food or drink (non-alcoholic) allowed on the bus?

Most non-alcoholic beverages are permitted with the exception of glass products. Foods which are easily manageable (that will not create a mess) are favoured to avoid spills or damage to the bus. Additional charges will apply if cleaning is required.

When do I need pay for the booking?

A 20% (non-refundable) deposit is required to secure your vehicle, however the remaining balance is required to be paid 7 days prior to your journey.

Are there any fees if I choose to cancel my bus?

20% of the total booking amount if you cancel for any reason (this is the non-refundable deposit).
25% of the total booking amount if cancelled with 7 days notice of your first journey (business days only) but not less than 96 business hours.
50% of the total booking amount if cancelled with less than 96 hours notice (business days only) of your first journey but not less than 48 hours.
100% of the total booking amount if cancelled with less than 48 hours notice (business days only) of your first journey.

What are your overtime charges?

Overtime/waiting rates are charged at $41.25 inc GST ($165 inc GST per hour) per 15 mins (sedans) and $41.25 inc GST ($165 inc GST per hour) per 15 mins (minibus/bus/coaches).

Will adding an extra stop cost more?

We can advise you of extra costs only at the time it is requested. As every situation is different, there is no guideline or rate that would be applicable for all changes.

Are bonds required?

We usually require bonds for certain groups such as, Hen’s days, Buck’s parties, Wine tours, Birthday parties, late night transfers etc. The bond is usually $300 inc GST (depending on the purpose) and covers issues such as, cleaning fees, overtime charges, damages to the vehicles etc.

Is alcohol allowed on the coach?

Our company policy states that no alcohol is to be opened or consumed on the vehicle at any time.

Are items such as tolls, ferry costs, parking fees or entry fees etc included in the quotation for the vehicle?

No. The quotation includes the cost of the bus, driver and all vehicle insurance and running costs only.

Do the larger coaches have storage?

Yes, the larger touring coaches have luggage bins underneath which hold passenger bags. Note that charter buses and low floor buses generally do not have luggage bins. Therefore for airport transfers, it is advised that you book coaches instead of charter buses. Any excess luggage must be discussed in detail with our office to ascertain the luggage requirements.

Is standing allowed on the vehicles?

Standing on some Low Floor Buses is allowed however it is not permitted on Mini Buses and Standard/Luxury Coaches.

Does the price include meals and accommodation for the driver?

Where the vehicle is travelling a significant distance away from home, or where your group is performing a multi-day tour, it may be feasible for the driver to stay with the group. Typically this is when the driver will require accommodation and meals at your cost. You can choose to either supply the driver with meals and accommodation which you have purchased, or we can provide this for you at an additional cost. If accommodation is required, drivers must have their own room, and that room must be a minimum of 3.5 stars.

Do all buses have anchor points available for child seats?

Anchor points are available on some vehicles only. You must advise the consultant when booking to ensure the vehicle you requested includes anchor points. Transport Network Australia adheres to laws in each state whereby that state requires children to be seatbelted. Where laws do not stipulate that the child to be secured with a seatbelt, we still highly recommend that all children be seatbelted to avoid injury where a vehicle may stop suddenly.

Does the quotation include the cost of a luggage trailer?

No. A trailer will cost an additional $33 inc GST if requested. You will need to request this option as it is not assumed for every transfer it is required.

Am I able to decrease or increase the size of the bus if the passenger numbers change?

Yes, however only if the bus you are requesting to change to is available. We are not able to advise you of availability of a certain vehicle at a future date, however we can advise you on availability on the day it is requested. Please also note that prices may change if you change your vehicle size.

What are the payment methods and when is final payment due?

Payment is due 7 days prior to departure.
Payment options are:
  • VISA or Mastercard via Westpac’s online Payway System
  • VISA or Mastercard over the phone)
  • Bank Transfer

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